Announcing the most important innovation in the fine jewelry industry in the last 20 years!

Announcing the most important innovation in the fine jewelry industry in the last 20 years!

The problem with rings not fitting perfectly has been solved!!


Rings have always been made to fit a specific finger.  When a ring is too large, it spins. This happens when your knuckle is larger than the rest of the finger.  What choice did jewelers have but to fit the knuckle and not the inner finger where the ring sits?  You have to get it on, right?

For many years, jewelers have tried different ways to make rings fit: “sizing balls,” springs, silicone coils, and a shank that snaps open and closed. Metal ring guards that attach to the bottom of a ring can scratch it and the resulting fit is still not correct.

Wouldn’t it make sense if the ring could be made to fit properly in the first place, and continue to fit regardless of changes to your ring size?

EasyFit® is the solution! Bez Ambar has worked on this solution for several years. Utilizing a titanium inner spring, he developed a unique method of creating almost invisible connections that allow the ring to expand over the knuckle and return to sit comfortably on the inside of the finger.  The spinning ring problem has been solved at last!

If you are a person whose size fluctuates, this is the ideal solution.  With an EasyFit® ring, you don’t have to forgo wearing it when you are pregnant.  Your finger size can increase and the ring will still fit comfortably.  If the weather is hot or cold, the ring will fit.  Fingers swell for a variety of reasons, but your ring will always be perfectly comfortable. 

We have heard stories of visits to the emergency room to have rings cut off after an accident. You will not need to cut off a ring with EasyFit®.

Best of all, when you wish to pass down your beautiful ring to future generations, a ring made with EasyFit® may be worn by your heirs instead of finding space in a drawer.

EasyFit® rings can be made with a plain gold shank or with diamonds all around. The videos show examples of both.

Here is a list of questions we are most frequently asked. If you need more information or would like to see a ring, please call and make an appointment at our boutique store in New York City.  We think you will be amazed.   

How much will flexibility in size will I get with EasyFit®?

Most rings will expand up two or three sizes, which is more than enough to go over an enlarged knuckle and settle perfectly to the inside of the finger.

Do you custom make your rings with EasyFit® technology?  How much does it add to the price?

Virtually all of our rings are custom made.  The additional cost depends on how wide the ring is and whether or not it has diamonds.  Typically, EasyFit® will add $600-$1,200 to the cost of what the ring would have been without it.

Can you add EasyFit® to my ring?

In almost all cases, we can add EasyFit®.  You have a choice of having it done with or without diamonds all around.  See videos for examples of both.  We can also custom design a ring to suit your center gemstone. This is usually not the case with many big box jewelry companies.

What makes EasyFit® different than other flexible rings and bracelets?

Bez Ambar has studied other variations of flexible technology in the marketplace. The system of connections he invented is very different and infinitely more secure.  A utility patent is pending with the US Government. He has found a way to make the designs sleeker and with less metal showing than the others.

And NOBODY has been able to make a ring with a solid top expand at the bottom of the ring.  This is a game changer for the jewelry industry. 

How can we get the measurement of the inside of my finger?

Standard ring sizers only measure the knuckle and are not helpful when trying to ascertain the inner finger size.  We have a special tool that we will use to measure your finger.

When you place your order with us, we will make sure the sizing will be perfect.

What colors of metal are available?

We can create EasyFit® in white, yellow or rose gold.  Platinum is too soft.  However, we can easily put an 18k white gold EasyFit® shank on your platinum ring so that the color will be the same.

What diamond cuts are available if I want them all around the ring?

We can do it with virtually any shape diamond.  Rounds, our patented Blaze® cut, princess, or just about anything you can think of.  We can also use precious colored gemstones.

Is EasyFit® comfortable to wear? Does it pinch the skin?

An EasyFit® ring is the most comfortable ring you have ever worn.  The ring flexes as you close your hand. It never pinches the skin. 

What happens if it breaks?

Our patent pending mechanism is different than the earlier generations of flexible technology.  An extraordinary accident would have to occur to break an EasyFit® ring.  All items sold by Maurice Badler have a one year warranty against defects.

Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry is located at 485 Park Avenue between 58th & 59th Streets in NYC.   We will work with each person in our store, by phone, or via video chat.

Call (800) M-BADLER (800) 622-3537 and an expert will take excellent care of you.


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