Bridge, Canasta and Scrabble Games in the Neighborhood

Bridge, Canasta and Scrabble Games in the Neighborhood

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With all of the hidden gems located in New York City, we thought we’d share one you might never discover, right near Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry.

Honors Bridge Center can’t be seen from the street.  It is the largest bridge club in North America, spanning 1 ½ floors of an office building at 133 E. 58th Street. There are hundreds of tables here. The various rooms allow for games of various skill levels to be played simultaneously, along with classes suitable from basic beginner through very advanced.

If you want to learn this amazing game, sign up for basic classes.  If you want to improve, take lessons or participate in supervised play.  If you fancy yourself an expert, play in the “open game” where there are many Life Masters and professional players.   Every level of player is challenged at Honors Bridge Center.

What makes Honors Bridge Center different?

In addition to the varied levels of play, they play virtually every day of the year, including weekends most holidays.  Most clubs have games 1 or 2 days a week.  And while most clubs offer some basic snacks and coffee, Honors Bridge has a full commercial kitchen where the dedicated staff creates a cornucopia of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinners.   The owner once told us he serves upwards of 3,000 meals each week.

There is more.  If you want to play or learn Canasta, there is now a series of lessons, supervised play and competitive games at Honors.  Remember playing Scrabble as as kid?  At Honors, there is a Scrabble too.  I witnesses an all day Scrabble tournament. The level of play was outstanding. 

When Jeffrey Badler, the owner of Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry, discovered the club, he became a bridge player.   If you would like a tour of the club or looking for a partner, give Jeff a call at (800) 622-3537 and he will point you in the right direction.

Honors Bridge Center is truly one of the hidden gems near Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry. 133 E 58th Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues) on the 12th and 14th floors. or call (212) 230-1230.

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