Wedding Rings and Anniversary Rings in New York City

Wedding Rings and Anniversary Rings in New York City

Wedding rings and anniversary rings. Virtually everyone wants and needs at least one. But which one to get? Where is the best place to purchase your rings? If diamond quality and excellence in manufacturing are not your priorities, then mall or chain stores, or mass merchandise “jewelers” might be good enough for your needs.  On the other hand, if you would prefer a very high quality ring with superb diamonds and workmanship, at very reasonable prices, then Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in NYC is THE place for you.

At Maurice Badler, we have four categories of wedding rings and anniversary rings:

• A significant collection of top quality diamond rings by Bez Ambarthe most influential design mastermind of our time. The diamonds are always clear and icy white, and his master jewelers and setters do an incredible job executing a perfect ring. The creativity that comes from Bez’s mind is nothing short of genius. Many of his rings feature his patented Blaze® or Divine Cut® diamonds. You may read more about him here.

• Flexible 18k gold diamond eternity rings by Qayten, one of Italy’s best up and coming designer. See the video showing how the rings stretch to accommodate different size fingers. These allow you to switch hands and accomodate all seasons of wear.

• Fantastic selection of men’s and women’s gold and platinum wedding rings by Malo. We have more than 100 to choose from, all available in your choice of white, yellow, or rose gold, and some in cobalt or platinum. And there is even a secret 19k white gold, which is as strong as steel and is almost impossible to damage. This is one of the very few manufacturers that meets our quality standards each and every time. None of the flimsy rings we see in the market here. Comfortable and substantial with meticulously perfect finishing. We love them.

• And then we have another selection by….hmmm I won’t tell you. This one is our secret. For years, we’ve searched for a manufacturer who can consistently execute beautiful rings with an additional focus on controlling price. Their setting labor is very nice. The diamonds are excellent cut and always nice and clear. The styles are more classic then innovative. If classic is what you wish, the quality and value are extraordinary.

What do all of these have in common? Maurice Badler’s exacting standards and quality control assure you of having a wedding or anniversary that will last for many years and may be passed on to future generations.

Visit or come to our boutique store at 485 Park Ave (bet 58th & 59th Streets) in New York City. Call (800) M-BADLER (800 622-3537 for personal assistance. If you can’t come to the store, we are happy to set up a video call to show you our unique selection.

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