Mattioli Jewelry – Premier Quality Handcrafted Italian Jewelry

A refined ambassador of the Made in Italy style throughout the world, Mattioli has built its success on the foundations of a noble past, associated with the most famous and masterful goldsmithing tradition of Torino. Specializing in the creation and handcrafting of high-quality pieces, Mattioli Jewelry relies on the precious contribution of a large staff of artisans who work the complete cycle of gold: from the melting of the ingot to the finished pieces.


An interpreter of contemporary luxury, Mattioli stands out for its original style, which is both classic and modern. The crafting of Mattioli Jewelry is still entrusted to the talent of over 100 expert master jewelers. This incredible attention guarantees the exclusivity and excellent quality of Mattioli creations. We are a proud retailer of Mattioli in New York City.


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