Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Is this an Internet-only business or do you have a place I can visit?
What are your store hours?
How does your frequent buyer program work?
Do you custom make jewelry?
When do things go on sale?
How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Are all your items on the Maurice Badler website?
We have heard about your "Appraisals to Fight Cancer" program. How does it work?

Ordering information

How long does it typically take to get my order?
If I see something that I need to order in a different size, can I see it first before placing a special order?
What are your shipping charges?
Do I have to pay sales tax?
May I order rings with the gemstones going all the way around?
What if I don't know my (her) finger size?
May I order custom lengths on bracelets and necklaces?
Are all the earrings for pierced ears or can I get them non-pierced?
Can you engrave or otherwise personalize items for me?
Can parts of my order be shipped to different addresses?
If an item is back-ordered, when you will charge my credit card?
Do you have a layaway plan?
Will you ship an order if I live outside the US?

Gems & Jewelry

Are certain gemstones enhanced or treated to improve color or clarity?
What are black diamonds?
Do you buy or sell estate jewelry?
Can you assist me with an insurance claim for lost or damaged jewelry?
Should I have my jewelry insured?


May I return an item that I bought for a refund or exchange?
Do I need a return authorization number or label to send in a return?
Do you extend your return policy during the Holidays?
May I return an online purchase in the New York Store?
How should I send my return?
If I have jewelry made to order and I change my mind, can I send it back?


If I have a problem with jewelry I’ve purchased from Maurice Badler, and it is past the warranty period, can I bring or send it to you to be repaired?
How long do repairs take?
Can rings or bracelets be sized if my size changes?
If I have a problem with jewelry I purchased elsewhere, can you help?
If I lose half a pair of earrings, do I have to buy a new pair?
Will you advise me on the care and cleaning of my jewelry?
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