Meet Laura, Designer of Nanis Jewelry From Italy

Meet Laura, Designer of Nanis Jewelry From Italy

Nanis portrait


Meet Laura, the wonder behind the beauty of Nanis creations. Her passion to create innovative jewelry in her home country of Italy, celebrating local artisans trained in their home town of Trissino.

There are two people who carefully curate the pieces Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry will offer to our clients. Between us, we have over 75 years of experience in the jewelry and fashion fields.  When we met Laura, we were taken by her.  By her passion for design.  By her exotic ways she wears the jewelry she designs.  By her unwavering attention to details.  By her insistence that all of the work Nanis puts forth is original and supreme quality.  She is an enthusiastic, fantastic fashion forward woman, creating fashion for women that allows them to get multiple uses for the same piece. 

Nanis' jewelry collections are continually evolving.  The pieces from ten years ago coordinate beautifully with the next season’s items.  Laura has a unique ability to develop and create not just new designs, but new concepts.  See her latest, called “Reverse.”   Rings and pendants that flip, allowing you to change the look you feel like wearing that day.

Nanis Reverse

We are amazed at Nanis’ Transformista.  It cannot even be explained.  The video tells the story. 

Their hand engraving technique is a marvel to appreciate and a joy to watch.  At Maurice Badler, we have seen others who tried to duplicate their technique, but none of them has yet to measure up.  It is not a finish that can wear off.  It is a texture carved into the gold that gives it a unique and lasting look.

They even have a special polishing technique that is painstaking, but it is the only way to achieve the perfection that Laura insists upon.   This is a delicate operation, made by skillful, delicate hands, achieved by the uses of 20 different brushes and seven different types of abrasive pastes in order to reach the best finishing results. This procedure requires extreme attention to avoid any modification to the original shape.

With all of features and techniques that make Nanis’ jewelry special, we expected their jewelry to cost far more than they charge.  Laura continues to create wonderful jewelry at very reasonable prices.  Be careful; once you own a piece, you will want more…and more.  

The beautiful jewelry of Nanis is available in New York exclusively at Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry 485 Park Avenue (between 58th & 59th Streets) and online at Call if you have any questions (800) M-BADLER  (800) 622-3537



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