Meet Silvio Hidalgo, the Person Behind the Hidalgo Jewelry Brand

Meet Silvio Hidalgo, the Person Behind the Hidalgo Jewelry Brand

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35 years ago, Mr. Hidalgo decided to give up his successful career in computer engineering to pursue his passion for design. I have known him for 18 years. When we met, I saw something in him. It was his love for creating new items that gave me respect for him. I was amazed that every year, he came out with 200 or 300 new designs. Understand that many industry designers have a design team behind them. Not Silvio Hidalgo. Once I asked him, “How did you come up with the idea to make the design in this ring?” He answered, “You know how I love colorful ties? I saw a variation of this motif in a tie, and decided I had to make a ring like this.” Do I have to tell you his inspiration for the moon and stars ring? Or his American Flag ring, so artistic and beautiful. This is a person with real talent and creativity.

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Hidalgo’s focus was on stackable rings.  Most of our clients purchased 3-5 rings to be worn together, and then became collectors.  New center rings, new side bands, mix and match. 

And then we started to love building asymmetrical stacks...a new twist.

Why couldn’t others copy his work?   The vast majority of Hidalgo’s work had the enamel and diamond patterns all around the ring.   That means one has to create a new wax model for every half size.  How does a manufacturer do this without charging a very high price for each ring? Model making costs became virtually irrelevant for him, as his most successful designs sold thousands of each. Yet each person got to make their own unique combination.


Over the last 18 years, Maurice Badler became Hidalgo’s oldest and most successful client.  Our staff is well trained to understand how the jewelry is made and suggest combinations that work.


In the near future, I will discuss his newest iconic collections, hand rings and Butterflies are Free.  And he has gone back to his creative sculpting of amazing frog statues.  I’ll show you some marvelous pictures.


Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry has over 200 pieces of Hidalgo at all times.  You may view his pieces online, or call (800) M-BADLER  (800) 622-3537 for more assistance.  And of course see the rings in person at our boutique store at 485 Park Avenue (between 58th & 59th Streets) in New York City.   Most of his vintage designs may still be created.  If you see something on the Hidalgo Jewelry site, we can surely get it for you.



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