1. The Hidden Jewels of New York City

    How many people know Park Avenue in midtown New York is a great area for specialty jewelry? In fact, several jewelry companies with stellar reputations make their home Park Avenue in the upper 50's. Read more...
  2. Our idea of a unique Engagement Ring

    At Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry, our idea of a unique engagement ring is the most elegant and simple, without being bulky, or plain, or full of swirls or angular lines. My name is Jeffrey Badler, and I am the President of Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry. With over 35 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry, I have seen styles come and go. My definition of a unique engagement has to include timeless. I want you to enjoy the ring for many years and pass it on to your heirs. Read more...
  3. What metal is best for your engagement ring?

    What metal is best for your engagement ring? What metal is best for your engagement ring?  How do you decide?  How many times have we heard clients say, “We read platinum is the best.”. The most important thing we can do for you is tell you the facts so you can make the decision for yourself.   Forget what you’ve heard or read.  That is old information.  Technology and innovation have changed the rules.  How many years can everyone drink the same Kool-Aid? We have all heard it before.  Platinum is the strongest metal.  Platinum is better.  Platinum holds its shine longer.  Platinum doesn’t have the maintenance that is necessary with white gold.  Platinum won’t give an allergic reaction that can happen for some people with white gold. Read more...

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