The Ultimate Delicate Heart Wedding and Anniversary Ring

The Ultimate Delicate Heart Wedding and Anniversary Ring

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This is wedding ring season.  Couples are choosing the rings that they intend to wear every day for the rest of their lives.  I would like to focus on one particular ring we offer at Maurice Badler and explain why it is worth buying from us.

This ring is called “Delicate Heart” and it is created by the extraordinary Bez Ambar.   The ring contains almost 2 ct. of colorless diamonds and sells for $6,250.  Recently, a client’s fiancée chose this style to complement the engagement ring they purchased from us.  While having complete confidence in us to deliver a gorgeous product, he questioned our price.  After all, we have a very nice store on Park Avenue in the heart of New York City, so our prices must be inflated, right?  ABSOLUTELY NOT, and here’s what I showed him:

Take a look at the following comparisons online from other excellent stores:

At Tiffany, this ring is $7,375 for .91 ct. total, less than half the diamond weight.  The diamonds are no better than the quality we offer.

At Cartier, this ring with 1.34 ct. of diamonds is $10,700.  That is about 2/3 of the weight we offer, for 70% higher price.  

The diamonds we use to create this piece are from the best cutters in the world with ideal proportions and are extremely white and clear (E-F color VS1-2 clarity.)  The ring itself starts as a solid ring created from Bez’s proprietary mix of 18k white gold, which is better than platinum.  Click here to read why this marvelous metal is ideal for your ring. Then, working under a microscope, his incredible setter creates miniature prongs to hold the diamonds securely in place, along with beautiful carving on the sides.  This technique cannot be reproduced by any casting or a typical setter.

In the past, his company created jewelry for both Tiffany and Cartier. In my humble opinion, the biggest mistake the these companies made was to lose Bez Ambar.  Bez was fantastic before, but has evolved even further.  His jewelry is the ideal blend of the latest technology with his design genius.  Bez’s amazing craftsmen do a stellar job executing his visions.

But there is another part of this equation….my knowledge and expertise.  I am Jeffrey Badler, president of Maurice Badler.  With more than 40 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry, I am always pushing to elevate the quality of everything we offer.  My quality control standards are set very high, and I push everyone to meet my vision or lose my business.   I personally choose every diamond that goes into this ring.  Perfectly matched and accurately measured, they must be clear, colorless, and beautifully cut or they don’t go in this ring. The diamonds are then sent to Bez’s shop in California for production. 

Could I charge more for this ring?  Certainly my competitors think so. However, as my parents did in this business before me, I choose to offer simple, honest value for the best quality available. 

Is Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry where you should shop?  I hope I’ve given you reason to say yes!

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